A lover of photography, Beza Faris brings a wealth of life experiences to her work. Born in Ethiopia and raised from the age of nine in Italy, Ms. Faris feels the culture, the country, and the music of Ethiopia resonating in her being and in her work. Shortly before moving to the United States when she turned 16, she bought her first camera to document the friends she was leaving behind. Later, drawn to people and circumstances, she proceeded to take many more pictures. Beza Faris believes that photography releases photographer and viewer from the burden of focusing solely on life’s issues.

Ms. Faris now lives in the Los Angeles area and possesses an impressive portfolio as an independent photographer. As she drives around the United States, she relishes meeting new people and experiencing new places. Beza Faris sees the beauty in the world and shares that with others in her photographs. She describes a defining moment when, on a routine walk to the store, she realized the illuminating power of the sunlight on her neighborhood. Captivated by the beauty, she took hundreds of photographs of houses, trees, leaves, all the elements that comprised the scene. Describing the experience as a crossover moment, she recalls how the experience elevated her emotions and thinking.

Her show, Benay Ayin, which translates from Ethiopian to “through my eyes,” represents the light that shows through life’s darker moments. Described as “raw and edgy,” Ms. Faris’s photographs reveal details every person sees and takes for granted on a daily basis.

Currently employed as a sales representative for Hair Magic, a South African health and beauty product line, Beza Faris looks for ways to bring media and the entertainment business to her art form. She enjoys fine arts, Italian culture, and visiting with family and friends.


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